Wise Fly Tying Tips: Articulating Streamers

HE KNOWS IT IS COMING …… but let’s keep Mr “Wireman” Wise guessing.

Another solid episode in our good mate Brian Wise’s fly tying tips video series, this time looking at articulation for streamers. And we might be the mono afficianados mentioned in the video.

But all 3 methods will work as Brian mentions ……. just mono is better. Watch the video and click below for a divergent view.

So I may be been the smart alec who said wire connection just proves you aren’t fishing your streamers often enough.

But when we started stepping up our flies Chad was the Wire Guy, I was the braid guy and Alex stuck with mono. Each of us was able to argue articulately for our given method.

But after 18 months, Chad and I seperately came to the horrible realisation that Alex was right:mono is simply more durable under the hard lateral action we were getting from our flies.

Wire would weaken and break and braid would fray under the abrasion across the edges of the Dally’s Wonder Balls and Streamer Balls .

So pick your favorite and Tie Harder!