Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 10/2/19

Matt and Kim Singer had a killer day thumping rainbows including some good ones with guide Davy Wotton
Kim Singer

It’s been a hot start to October, in terms of both the weather and the fishing. Afternoon temps have been above ninety degrees for several days in a row, with a bright hot sun burning down from a very bright blue sky. In such conditions the fish are still happy to eat the bugs of summer. Wether its on the surface or under a bobber, long legged terrestrial looking flies are catching plenty fish and big ones too.

The weather forecast looks very comfortable for the rest of the week and heading into the weekend. The heat breaks tomorrow, with the afternoon high stopping shy of ninety degrees the rest of the week. Sunday there may be some light rain and with it a bigger temperature drop down into the seventies and continuing next week down into the sixties and below.

Smilin Bob needed two hands to hold this one. Ben Levin guiding.
Carolyn Haag caught a good one fishing with Ben Levin

It is a real joy just being outside in northern Arkansas in the autumn. The air is lighter, clearer, crisper, and if we’re lucky, enough rain will continue over the next month to keep the changing leaves bright in color. Those lucky enough to have trips booked over the next few weeks are about to witness some of the nicest conditions of the year.

Paul and Bob from Connecticut plucked these brightly colored brown trout from the deep green White River in the background while fishing with guide Michael Saladin.

White River:

Flows are still pretty high round the clock, providing lots of bank structure to cast at with big foam dries (Wiley’s Ant, Fat Albert, Western Lady) or big rubber legged nymphs (Flexi Stone, Jig Stone, Cone Head rubber leg Wooly Buggers). Fishing deep over grass beds and gravel bars with San Juan worms (red and pink) and split shot (BB, AAA) is highly effective, especially when accompanied by a DW Whitetail Midge or Dally’s Tailwater Jig. For the past couple days we have seen a slight reduction in flows for a few hours early in the day. This may be an early sign of lower flows to come in the near future, especially as the descending lake elevation approaches power pool.

Norfork River:

One unit persists around the clock, offering pretty consistent fishing with egg patterns, San Juan worms, Hunchback Scuds, Pheasant Tails, and Hare’s Ear nymphs. DW Whitetail and Super midges are consistent producers too.