Sunglasses: Not Just For Fashion

CHAD Johnson is a walking advertisement this week on the advisability for ALL of us to be wearing quality polarised sunglasses, anytime we are messing around with fly rods.

Chad’s Costa glasses wore the full brunt of an accidental errant back cast this week, and you can see for your selves the damage a heavy nymph can do at high speed. He walked away without a scratch.

Way better off a shattered lens than wearing that same rig to the face or worse your eye. There should be no under estimating the need for facial protection alongside the better vision polarised sunglasses bring.

Higher flows mean heavier flies, often heavier rods, and stouter tippet which can lead to higher velocities a cast goes astray or a fly pops free from a fish close to the boat.

You can pick up Costa’s like Chad’s in the shop, and we also have the more affordable Guideline polarised glasses and the value for money Fisherman Eyewear range, including those for kids.

Broad brimmed hats, over the more popular caps, and a Buff around the throat also are handy when something goes awry.