Porker Rainbow For Grabs

Mike Prewett found this 20″ torpedo a couple of weeks back

If you have had some solid White River time over the past couple of months you may have seen a few oversize green torpedoes sliding around: and who doesn’t love some football shaped rainbows.

AGFC trout biologist Christy Graham said last week that the AGFC had purchased 45,000 rainbows from the Crystal Lake Hatchery in Missouri with Federal natural disaster funds after the damage to the Spring River hatchery.

The average size was 12″ but there were plenty in the shipment significantly larger and in better condition than your average run of the mill stocker.

Christy was speaking at the White River & Norfork Tailwater Management Plan update meeting in Mountain Home last week.

And while there was some push back among some conventional guides, who were looking for sub-14″ fish there was strong support for the introduction of the bigger fish across the room.