Das Boat Episode 1

Check out the new fishing video series from the MeatEater crew which seems to be encompassing the creative output of more friends, Miles Nolte and April Vokey to name but 2.

To many of us, the world wouldn’t be the same without a boat. That first boat was a key to freedom: around the next bend, the next bay, the next horizon. The Das Boat series combines people fishing, boats and the conversations in and around them. Watch it, watch them all.

It all started with a boat. A 1955 Lund, to be specific—pea-green paint sloughing off in sheets, tethered to a listing dock on a 15-acre lake. I caught my first bass out of that boat, and countless others after. Its equally-aged outboard provided my first lessons in mechanics and, when I couldn’t coax it back to life no matter how many times I yanked the cord, my first lessons in rowing.

Miles Nolte: introducing Das Boat