Southern Culture On The Fly #32

The latest issue ……

Get that beret out of the closet, grab yourself a finger sandwich, and some chardonnay. The SCOF Summer 2019 “(f)Arts” Issue is live and classy. We’ve got all the arts covered in this one; visual, verbal, and even a touch of fly tying video magic (if I do say so myself, which I do). There is also just enough interpretative dance to give it that bohemian feel you all crave, while not swinging to the exotic arts at any time. Well, just that once. We hope that when you flip that last page, you’ll feel the culture from your ass to your elbows. After you read the issue four or ten times, head on over to our Instagram page, tag a friend on the release post, to have a chance to win a signed print from our featured artist, Tyler Hackett. See ya’ll in the fall.

– Dave (The So-Called Editor