Welcome the new Crew

Tadd Fore catching brookies in the high country

We want to introduce y’all to the 3 new crew members you will see behind the counteras the year rolls on.

First off Tadd Fore is no stranger to the fly shop, though we did have to forgive him for “stealing” away his now wife and mother of their child Mekenzie Hada. Yep we brought all 3 of them back from the Colorado Mountains.

Tadd’s been through the Hada survival courses on our local warmwater streamers and then received a solid trout country grounding guiding and running the Montrose Angler. He is solid people come and say hi.

We also added the sharp young talents of Parker Wise, this summer and we are grooming him to hopefully hang around for a while. Parker has a great pedigree being the eldest of our buddy fly tyers, guide and video empresario Brian Wise. Parker is also a hugely talented artist and just fishy.

Thirdly we have been save a few times by the expertise of Victor Edwards who has spent plenty of time guiding and working in fly shops, after a real career. Victor and his wife settled in the area this year and he is jumping into the local scene. There is a wicked sense of humor here too.