BUGS N BREWS: Paul Port July 24

IF YOU have ever wanted to up your deer hair game, next week’s Bugs N Brews with Paul Port will speed up the process.

Paul Port is a man of many talents: AGFC warmwater fisheries biologist for our region, father, judge of our streamer odyssey, all round angler and a very talented tyer.

His deer hair work as won much acclaim being featured at local tying events. Now is your chance on learning the principals of properly stacking deer hair. This class is more about the techniques than a specific pattern, through you will walk away with a deer hair popper.

Of course since the Bugs N Brew nights at Rapp’s Barren Brewery in Mountain Home are all about “Taking Fly Tying To The People” we invite non-tyers, fly fishers and others along to watch, and socialise on the Rapp’s Barren couches or outside on the patio.

If you want to learn to tie with Paul the cost is going to be $15, to account for the extra materials in this class. Normally we have scheduled these on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, this month we are a week later to accomodate Paul’s schedule

Bring your own vice, & scissors and head cement or zap-a-gap. We will provide a spool of thread, deer hair and hooks. The awesome Deadfly Deerhair packers will be available on the night for purchase. Class starts at 6.30pm, with a preclass gathering at 6pm