Bugs N Brews: Brian Wise June 19

Fly tyer, guide, film maker and humorist Brian Wise is our featured tyer at the June 19 edition of Dally’s Bugs N Brews.

Brian is incredibly well known fly tying instructor through his ground-breaking video series, particularly streamers.

He will be teaching one of the hottest streamer patterns in the world Blane Chocklett’s Finesse Game Changer.

A great pattern for all manner of predatory species the Game Changer is also somewhat intimidating.

For a $10 class fee Brian will walk you through the intricacies and make the incomprehensible easy, materials included.

The class start 6.30pm June 19 at Rapp’s Barren Brewing Co in Mountain Home.

The Bugs N Brews is also a social event for those interested in tying or how to learn.

Grab a locally brewed beverage, one of Michael Schraeder’s awesome brats and hang out on the couch, or one of the outside table.

This is fly tying as a social gathering, a fun way to pass the third Wednesday of every month.