Texas Fly And Brew March 23/24

Rabecca Dally talking White River fly fishing Brewfest 2018

SPRING is on its way and that means our annual road trip into Texas for the 2019 Texas Fly Fishing and Brew Festival on March 23 & 24.

Dally’s will have a booth among fly shops, manufacturers, guides and of course micro-breweries, where you can come and talk Arkansas fly fishing, fly tying and planning your trip to Cotter.

Steve will also be giving presentations on both days. On Saturday it will be the habits of big brown trout in his popular Brown Trout: Predator program, while on Sunday it will be White River Seasons program: an intro to visiting the White River system.

Looking forward to spring fishing? Who isn’t? Fortunately for those of us still stuck in winter, the Third Annual Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival (Texas Fly & Brew)) will return to the Plano Event Center on March 23-24, 2019. 

Unique to the Texas Fly & Brew is a focus on microbrewery beer. With their paid admission, festival attendees 21 years and older receive tasting tickets to sample a variety of locally handcrafted brews. Breweries selected to participate in this year’s event include Four Corners Brewing Co., Oak Highlands BreweryReal Ale Brewing Co., Sweetwater Brewery, and Tupps. All of the participating breweries will have personnel on hand to explain what sets microbrewed beer apart, why and how certain ingredients yield different flavors, and how to brew and taste different types of beer. The festival’s microbrew component has become so popular that a waiting list now exists for breweries that wish to participate. 

New at this year’s event is a series of advanced courses for experienced anglers. “We’re known for reaching out to complete novices–folks who have never picked up a fly rod in their lives,” says Fly & Brew Director Beau Beasley. “Our event draws scores of children and about six times the national average for women’s participation, compared to other fishing events. This year, we’re stepping up our game to draw experienced anglers, too, with unique, highly specialized courses taught by national experts. For example, ‘Freestone First Aid’ teaches anglers how to respond to medical emergencies on the river. We’re also a day-long advanced fly casting course for casting instructors, a class on how to fish tailwaters, and a specialized class on rapid insect identification.

Just a few of this year’s instructors, speakers & tyers include Jason Randall, Blane Chocklett, Ed Jaworowski, Landon Mayer, Mac Brown, Mike Tayloe, Dave Whitlock, Steve Dally, Peter Stitcher, Jerry Hamon, Dutch Baughman, Fishy Fullum, Fred Hannie, and Matt Bennett.                      

On Friday, March 22, following a day of pre-festival advanced courses, the Texas Fly & Brew officially kicks off with a “Bass Bugs & Brews Night,” featuring group fly tying sessions from 5:30-7:30 PM at Tupps Brewery in nearby McKinney. After the fly tying, participants will view the latest IF4 film.              

Major sponsors of the Third Annual Texas Fly & Brew include Dallas-based fly rod manufacturer Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO), the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF), Fish Partner, and Tailwaters Fly Fishing; additional sponsors include Gordy & Sons Outfitters and the Texas Council of Fly Fishers International. For more information, visit www.txflyfishingfestival.org or call 703-402-8338.