Drake Podcast 51: Rally for Dally’s

Elliott Adler and the Drake Magazine were kind enough to redo the original White River Streamer episode with a call for the Rally For Dally’s Go Fund Me campaign

The original episode featured Kelly Galloup, Steve Dally, Alex Lafkas, is now updated with content from writers Miles Nolte and Zach Matthews. CLICK FOR THE NEW PODCAST

You may have caught an earlier version of this episode back in August of 2017, but we’re putting it back in the feed for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s winter and you folks who aren’t fishing much might need some entertainment. Two, chasing big brown trout with oversized streamers can be super productive this time of year so its timely. But the final and main reason we’re putting this out is because Beca Dally, one of the story’s characters, recently spent two weeks in the ICU following a nearly fatal car accident. Beca and Steve Dally are integral to this story and need our help right now. You can find a link to their GoFundMe Page here and below.