Simms Presents: An Angler’s Quest To Play NFL

Our mate and filmmaker Brian Wise sent me a text urging me to watch this film from Simms on NFL prospect and fly fisher JP Flynn. Wise reckoned this film was slipping under the radar despite a great story and brilliant fimmaking. Hard to argue with him… enjoy

From backyard pickup games to parent filled bleachers of Saturday rec league, all kids who play football share the same dream – to one day run out of the tunnel, and compete at the highest level in front of a packed NFL stadium. For Iowa born, JP Flynn, that dream is still alive. Simms is proud to release JP, a documentary short produced and directed by the independent media company, Thumbprint that follows NFL prospect, JP Flynn on his quest to become part of the less than 1-percent of the world’s population to play professional football. The film showcases the highs and lows of JP’s journey, but also sheds light on how fly fishing has become one of the more critical components of JP’s mission to overcome the odds, and finally realize his childhood dream.