Ozark Fishing Oops

The Clymb: This is a smallmouth


An article listing 6 great fly fishing backpacking trips on outdoors website “The Clymb” this week picked up some attention on fly fishing social media.

Pretty cool I thought and went to read:

With a highest point that falls shy of 3000 ft., the Ozarks of Arkansas don’t exactly qualify as “high alpine.” But for all this national forest lacks in elevation, it more than makes up for with serene nature and great fishing.

Awesome and so true!

Then I sprayed my coffee across my keyboard

Rainbow trout and brown trout can be caught in many of the rivers and streams that wind through this region. Access to many of these spots is no problem thanks to the hundreds of miles of trails in the forest.

Um sure the eastern edge of the Ozark National Forest runs up to the west bank of the White River below the confluence with the Buffalo. But we reckon you would be vastly better off chasing the native smallmouth, largemouth, gar, Ozark bass and the gorgeous sunfish on these streams.

If The Clymb wants to find out the real story about the Ozark streams, we will be only too happy to pass on the story or better yet put you on the water.