PREDATORS: Steve Dally on the Sage Blog

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“It’s time.

Time to rewrite what you know about the nature of brown trout in a river.

Time to see a that lazy, slow, foreign fish turn to implacable hunter-killer, a pure predator chasing down and eating whole its prey. Time to set aside the notion of fly fishing for trout as solely a gentler, kinder pursuit where the art is in the delicate presentation of a floating fly, upstream.

It’s predator time: the soft air of dusk in summer, dawn on a spring day, or under a low sky of bruised clouds brimming with February snow, when you know you are throwing that fly into harm’s way. Time to see that shadow, so familiar when gracefully ferrying across the current to pick off morsels in the drift, turn stone killer; come up on its fins and hunt ahead of that big broad brown tail. Set aside fishing snacks, the Skittles and Cheetos of our day-to-day fly boxes, and tie on a 24 ounce steak on 15 pound test. Make it swim as though sick and injured; life’s not fair down there.

It is streamer time.” Steve Dally words and images from streamer seasons past on the Sage Blog, Read On Here


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