Just One More Cast ..

Caroline Hardin with that fish of a lifetime “Holy Crap, It’s Moby Dick”

IF you spend enough time to be intimate with our tailwaters you start to understand that “it could be the next cast” is no mere guide fluff. The brown trout of your lifetime is probably in the stretch of water you are fishing, no matter where you are.

Forget the “brown trout run” the fish are all over this river, somedays the big ones even eat, and then its all up to you. So we couldn’t be more stoked for our buddy Caroline Hardin landing this beast last weekend on a trip up to their family cabin on the White. She was kind enough to let me bug her for details _ Steve

 I just was up for the weekend. I was literally fishing my way out of the river, done for the day when it happened. I couldn’t believe it when he jumped out of the water the first time. I though holy crap that’s moby dick!

That’s when I started saying “holy shit, holy shit, don’t blow this, don’t blow this.” And not another soul around to help me out! My shoulder is still sore! It felt like 30 min! But probably 10. We were both worn out.

And on such a tiny fly. Caught the dude on a sz20 black zebra midge…what?!?! It was insane and surreal!

I didn’t have a way to measure him and was all by myself so I was just trying not to lose him, kill him, but still get a photo somehow! Definitely got to join the 2 footer club though, maybe 28″ if I was guessing, maybe even more.