Dally’s How To: River Tips #3

big fish need big nets like this Rising Lunker _ Steve Dally image

Dally’s How To: River Tips #3. No one ever wished they had a smaller net when landing fish.

There’s a lot of fly fishing jewellery around these days from bracelets, ear-rings, necklaces, but landing nets shouldn’t quality though there are many beautifully grained, hand crafted nets that deserve to be admired for the art that they are.

Real landing nets are tools and here size matters: Few jobs are more thankless when there is a trophy brown trout on the line than net man.

This 15lb fish took some shoehorning into a little net _ steve dally image

There is a running joke between myself and the Levin brothers, after Gabe tied into his 32″ monster back in 2011, Ben handed me a tiny shallow flimsy aluminium net. “What am I supposed to do with that?”


Somehow it survived the abortive first shot, then hooked that monster jaw through the net second time around. I’d have never lived down losing it but the fish probably helped more than I did.

We have all sorts of options in nets, but few are small,  dainty wall art. But we also happen to sit on the White River system tailwaters where the fish of a lifetime is only one cast away.
When net shopping remember while a 14″ basket might be handling all the day to day rainbows you really want to build in some extra capacity for those fish you dream of catching.

Length of the hoop is one matter, but so is the depth of the basket. A deep net is able to fit bigger fish than a shallow net. On regular size fish the deep net can form a swimming pool to allow tired fish to recover better.

A deep basket on this Fishpond Nomad gives fish plenty of room to rest and breathe