LIVING The Dream: Carter Andrews


Carter started fishing in the ponds of Tennessee farm country, where he was born and raised. He has since earned an impressive fly-fishing resume—three wins of the Jackson Hole One Fly, countless video and print references, a spot on the US Fly Fishing Team, his TV show “The Obsession of Carter Andrews,” and a new TV show in development for the National Geographic Channel. For more than a decade, he has helped build fishing lodges, train guides, and led exploratory fishing expeditions across the globe.

Fishing guide Carter Andrews is living the dream—he’s made his passion is his work. Carter gets in nearly 300 days of fishing annually and helps protect hundreds of species. “Most people go on fishing vacations. My life is fishing,” says Carter, a TV host who practices catch-and-release fishing. “Whether I’m fishing the trout streams of Wyoming or the oceans of Panama, or just a farm pond in Tennessee, that’s my release. That’s the place I belong.” Read the full interview here



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