Lee enjoyed herself:  Gabe Levin image


“Music to my ears ….. from (my wife) Lee just now: “We need to make that an annual trip”. …  a text from Kevin Vincent, yesterday

IT WAS music to my ears too KV.

Last week the Levin Bros. and myself floated the Buffalo River for 3 days with Kevin, his wife Lee, Greg Gardner and his son Chance, Mike Morfey and the leader of this crew of Texans, the man with the plan, John “Junior” Boatwright.

Junior and KV are old friends, fishing with me since ’09, and helped us with the first trial of our Buffalo floats a few years back. This year was a little experimental as well. With the low flows this year we had to leave the lower wilderness float and us the road system (and public camp sites) floating from Gilbert to Rush over 3 days.

It was low, seriously low which made life a little tough for those on the struggle sticks, the fishing was entertaining if not spectacular. Some nice smallies were caught by everyone, about a billion neon panfish kept everyone smiling and there was some serious sight fishing to big gar.

Junior actually hooked one of the biggest Ozark gar I’ve seen eat, but came unbuttoned. Abe, from Rim Shoals and Buck did a spectacular job with the camp and meals.

Hope you enjoy the images

Panorama of the Whole Crew …. by Kevin Vincent
smalljaws with KV …. Steve Dally image


Gabe and Greg kicking back on day 1 _Steve Dally image
Hump backed male long ear on an Amnesia Bug, with Chance in the background: Steve Dally image
 Junior and KV:Steve Dally image


Lee and Junior in our spectacular second night campsite. Steve Dally image
Tropical …… Steve Dally image
even the lunches were awesome, Ben Levin tucking in: Steve Dally image