Downtime PB: Jason Loyd

big brown 2018 (1).jpg
Guide Jason Loyd with a thumping big White River male

Becca and I were out on a late evening mission recently, just messing around with a little summer streamer time.

Along the way we bumped into buddy and guide Jason Loyd who was taking his dog for a swim and maybe do a little of the same. WE ummed and aahed about sharing a boat but ended up going our seperate ways.

Becca tangles with 3 fish and none to the boat before guilt over out sick dog drove us in early, but I mentioned to Jason we had seen the bite pick up.

Then I got Jason’s pic of this toad above, according to all guesstimates is an over 30″ brown with some serious shoulders and Jason’s PB _ Jason was more concerned with keeping this guy healthy than getting measurements.

What an awesome fish mate