2018 Trout Season _ Sage




For forty-five years my uncle has made the pilgrimage to the spring creeks of Paradise Valley, and along the way discovered where the good fish hold, when the hatches will go, and how to tempt a fish to rise on this most classic and idyllic western trout water. This standing reservation has remained an unbroken rite of spring through four decades.

That family connection means I’ve crossed Carter’s Bridge many weekends in May, each time that first panoramic view of the Yellowstone’s cottonwood lined river channel hits me, the memories of past trips come rushing back.

They blur, but all seem to color my subconscious with wading out into a perfectly still creek with my uncle to fish the golden early evening light as the day wraps — and watching him masterfully work rising fish while perfectly back dropped by the, idyllic, snowcapped Absaroka (pronounced Ab-zor-kuhs, I learned early on) mountains. KYLE TOYAMA, Sage Blog


The Henry’s Fork, the Missouri, the Madison, the Flying Pan: all Rocky Mountain fly fishing icons, and names hewed into fly fishing’s soul.

But few places can stand up to the imagery, the bug life, the aesthetic of the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks, just outside Livingstone MT. Enjoy Sage’s 2018 Trout Season special, with words by Kyle Toyama, images by Jeremiah Watt and  video by RC Cone