Bonneville Cutthroat Planting Volunteers Needed

The original Bonneville Cutthroat planting by Trout Unlimited #698 members in 2012 .. Bill Thorne image


TROUT UNLIMITED #698 is seeking volunteers to help with Bonneville Cutthroat egg planting  on June 2 and June 9.

Eggs will be planted  at Rim Shoals on June 2 and on Norfork on June 9. Volunteers will assemble at 7am on June 9 and lunch will be provided. If you want more details about the Bonneville Planting program read Clay Henry’s excellent article here.

Saturday June 2, 7:00 am -12pm

Meet at the Rim Shoals Boat Ramp. Volunteers will be shuttled by boat to the planting area. Wear your waders and have any personal supplies packed to be easily toted. Shovels and other tools to be supplied.

We will supply lunch back near the ramp after the event

Saturday June 9, 7 am to 12 pm

Meet at Mill Pond on River Ridge Road at 7am. Watrch for signs on the right side of road past the AGFC Bill Ackerman handicap access to find our impromtu parking area. Volunteers will be able to walk then wade to the planting site. Lunch will be provided near the parking area after the planting.


volunteers planting at Rim Shoals