New AGFC Regs


WITH the year starting to wind up now its timely to note the new AGFC regulations which limit anglers to keeping 1 fish of any species over 14″ long.

The hard won changes came into effect on January 1

  • Daily limit of 5 trout;
  • Only
    1 trout over 14 inches long may be kept.
  • Limit may include either 5 rainbow trout less than 14 inches or 4
    rainbow trout less than 14 inches and one of the following:

    • 1 rainbow trout (14 inches or longer),
    • 1 brook trout (14 inches or longer),
    • 1 cutthroat trout (24 inches or longer),
    • or 1 brown trout (24 inches or longer).


From 100 yards below Bull Shoals Dam to the Highway 58 bridge at Guion: No fishing within 100 yards of
Bull Shoals Dam. A trout permit (Page 7) is required to fish in this area. Anglers may use no more than one
fishing rod or pole at a time and must attend it at all times. No other devices may be used to catch fish, except
bait tackle to catch baitfish. Multiple point hooks with barbs are allowed, unless fishing inside the Catch-andRelease
Areas (see below). Bait fishing only allowed with a single hooking point.