An awesome time for Streamer Lovefest 2018 Saturday night: a great crowd, great tyers, killer food, music, prizes and a ridiculously good time. A couple of days more sleep I might be back to normal.

First off a huge thanks to everyone who came along or sent message of support on social media. The #streamerlovefest is worth following. Y’all are the reason everyone works so hard and goes so far to make this event, streamer junkies are hard to find.

A huge thanks must go to all the Dally’s crew who work so hard to put it all on: Jim & Brenda Dugan Bill Thorne Tiffany Johnson Sara Thorne Gabe Levin Phil Wamock Michael Schraeder Snr & Jnr Paul Port Kaleigh Cunningham and our friend Gennette Sosnowski Wise who went above and beyond. Somehow I jumped the gun and missed thank you on the night but you weren’t forgotten.

Happy Happy. Rick Vollmer won the Montana Fly Box loaded with flies tied on the night

We are also incredidibly grateful to all the outstanding tyers who make their way to the fly shop in winter: Kelly Galloup, Mike Schmidt, Russ Maddin, Chad Johnson, Alex Lafkas, Steve Dally, Brian Wise, Dave Hosler, Jeff Trigg, Allen Broyhill, Jason Loyd Austin Adduci, Justin Cowley, Nick Groves and Erik Griffen. Hosler and Adducci drove through ice to get here, Maddin drove home after we shut down to dodge a huge snowstorm, and Schmidty had a 16 hour drive each way.

Never too young to dig gumbo and big flies

We also thank Shawnee Supreme Boat Co. for their sponsorship of the awesome gumbo from Kt’s BBQ in Gassville. Rob, Chris and co,s support is invaluable.

Every year we are overwhelmed by the generosity of our sponsors, for the schwag bags, the door prizes and main prizes. So thank you to YETI Sage RIO Products Redington Simms Fishing Products Montana Fly Co Airflo Rainy’s Flies Umpqua TFO Flymen Fishing Co Catch Flies.

Duane Hada went all in, completing a White River drift boat streamer slinging scene on the night and donated it for the river conservation raffle. Thank you so much mate.

Darin Jeff and Alex from Sage, RIO and Redington, set up a big presence outside, Daniel from Simms was helping people fit waders and gear and their attendance make the whole day feel like something special. Thanks to y’all.

I also had a bunch of praise about the music provided by Grant Braudrick,  our Rainy’s Flies rep and he deserves a big hand. That will become a feature.

We have a bunch more pics from the night here

Looking forward to 2019