CJ’s Little PeteR: White River Tying Videos


Shuck, Jive, Wiggle and Flow. That’s the story of Umpqua fly designer and our head guide Chad Johnson’s latest creation, the Lil PeteR.

I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to watch Mississippi dance but I sure do like watching his streamers move, and trout and bass seem to dig them as well even more. The Lil PeteR is neat little low profile pattern when you want a little more subtlety in presentation.

Mississipi describes it as a CJ’s Sluggo with built-in movement courtesy of the flowing craft fur veil. Move it and pause, move and pause and watch this fly pulse and draw in predators.


Hook – Tiemco 8089: Size 2
Thread –GSP 100 White
Tail—American Rooster Saddle- White
Body—UV Polar Chenille- Fl. Blue
Shoulders—Strung Marabou- Fl. Chartreuse; Flash- Pearl Scale
Head—Primo Deer Hair- Fl. Chartreuse & Craft Fur-White
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