Lovefest18 SLUGGOFinala

The Lovefest tyers are the heart blood of the event, coming together every year for the chance to hang out with the Lovefest crowd. Cotter becomes streamer central at this time every year, which is what brings the tyers back.

Gatherings like this of serious articulated streamer types are rare, and for the tyers the chance to mingle with their peers, and tie for the crowd of devotees who come along is what makes it special.

The Lovefest will open at 6.30pm January 27. The Farbanks crew will be onsite all day demo-ing the newest lineup of Sage Redington and RIO gear. Here is the time to find the streamer line that suits your setup, or test out a new rod.

We are on with some awesome gumbo from KT’s BBQ in Gassville, full of meaty goodness and the foundation of a great night, provided by Rob Williams and his crew at Shawnee Supreme Boats.

We have great giveaway from our sponsors Yeti, Rainy’s Flies, Simms, Sage, RIO, Flymen Fishing Co, TFO, Airflo, Montana Fly Co and more. Get in early

Every year we hear from tyers about how remarkable  you all are are, with their own level of commitment, passion and knowledge. This year’s list of tyers is exceptional 15 names including the outright gurus, underground legends, local favorites, newcomers and every year regulars.

Kelly Galloup and Russ Maddin were there at the beginning of the modern streamer movement, commercial tyer Mike Schmidt and streamer videographer and guide Brian Wise have been a huge part of popularizing big streamers nationally.

Our trio of White River tyers Chad Johnson (Umpqua), Alex Lafkas (Catch Flies) and Steve Dally (Rainy’s Flies) will be joined by colleague Jason Loyd. And the smallmouth streamer world is well represented with Jeff Trigg, Dave Hosley and for the first time Austin Adduci from Chicago. Nick Groves from Canada is our first international.

Check through the full list here