THE line that Kelly Galloup developed in floodgate flows on the White River is now in stock.

The Airflo Galloup Shovel Head is designed to get your unweighted or bouyant fly through the film and sinking fast after it lands, with a super fast sinking 6′ tip, in a 30′ sinking head.

It comes in 2 sizes: 280 grains for a 7/8 or 330 for the 8/9. $99.99


  • Designed by Kelly Galloup.  The new Shovelhead features an innovative double weight-forward design to help cast the burliest articulated flies while the fast-sink head gets you in the zone immediately.
  • If your streamer isn’t doing what it’s supposed to within the first five feet of touchdown, you’re not fishing at all!
  • Taper: Powerful, huge fly taper
  • Core: Power Core
  • Range: WF7/8 – WF8/9
  • Coating: Ridged
  • Polyleader: Trout