Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 1-4-2018

2018 everybody! Time to put away the holiday decorations, stop eating everything in sight, sober up, and start tying streamers….big ones. The crew at Dally’s just finished the dreaded annual inventory count of every item in the store. Trust me the amount of stuff in there is impressive. One look at the variety of streamer tying material available is all that is needed to inspire a creative energy. What combination of fur, feather, and sharpened metal will take this year’s monster browns?

We are starting the year in a drought, so the rain coming in this Sunday is welcome, even if it makes for a cold wet dreary day. The reservoirs are 5 feet under power pool but holding enough water for daily substantial releases to meet power demand. That’s good news for streamer addicts. Reliable high flows through the rest of winter, even if its just a few hours in the morning and evening, gives us plenty of chances to fish confidently for the White River’s biggest brown trout.

If you need a new streamer rod, sink tip fly line, or box of streamers, better call us now and get your order in while selection is at its best. Some popular items can be hard to find in February. We have new 8 weight rods that are hungry for action – upgraded Sage Salt, TFO Axiom and Clouser are sure to be favorites. We have low stretch versions of RIO Outbound Short and Striper sink tips, as well as new Airflow sink tips.

Read on for current river conditions and suggestions.

White River:

Flows are fluctuating between 4,000cfs and 14,000cfs plus or minus. The high flows are providing opportunities to fish streamers to bank structure in hopes of tempting an aggressive fish. Large profile flies like Schmidt’s Double Deceiver or Dally’s Twerking Minnow are good choices. The lower flows could still be fished with medium sized streamers like Galloup’s Dungeons, or even single hook streamers like CJ’s Mega Minnow. Many browns in the upper river are spawning – a bit of a late spawn this year likely due to high water temps into the fall – so dragging egg patterns on the bottom during the lowest water available will likely produce strikes from opportunistic trout feeding on any stray trout eggs. Friday and Saturday weather forecasts are looking beautiful and sunny with the temperature above freezing in the daytime – that’s beautiful considering the frigid last two weeks. Extended cold periods can sometimes produce a shad kill from the reservoir, so keep an eye out for diving gulls and little silver minnows!

Norfork River:

Flows are mostly at one unit but sometimes shut down long enough for a quick wade session at Ackerman access. Water clarity has been slowly improving since November, and some good reports have surfaced from both wade and boating perspectives. At 3,000cfs, one unit flows are good for bouncing heavy nymphs off the bottom, or perhaps stripping baitfish patterns like CJ’s Mega Minnow. At minimum flow, an egg and a midge drifted through the shoals is likely your best bet.