All that matters is getting a line wet: Charlie Barton on Dry Run Creek. Pics of the year by father Kyle. 


WE have seen some awesome images through the fishing report this year, particularly from guides Ben Levin and Brock Dixon whose photography keeps getting more awesome.

But local dentist Kyle Barton truly gave me the giggles with these images of Charlie sitting up, as happy as larry, on the boardwalk at Dry Run Creek, with a line in the water. You can’t help but wonder how many trophy fish he is going to nail in the coming years.

Christmas and Dry Run Creek was, until Lynsey hit 16, a part of the Holiday tradition. That might have stemmed from this fish,  with 10-y-o Levi Lenard. My two fishy stepkids hooked some thumpers but never managed to top Levi’s fish. But with fly fishing there is always the dream, the hope, that keeps us going.

And what better way to spend the holidays than goofing off with friend and family on Dry Run Creek, or the White & Norfork, or a pond, a marsh, heck a piece of water somewhere.

Mother and daughter leaving DRC for the last time


From Steve and all the Dally’s crew

And now onto the rest of the fishing report


Christmas brown trout release: Steve Dally image

WHITE RIVER: The on-off, on-off flow regime has continued giving us a taste of what winter going to be like without some rain.

Cold periods will get generation but if the day warms up it’s going to get shut back down to light flows or indeed minimum flow. The big pushes are brown and trashy, and definately not fun to be nymphing in, but it doesn’t take long to clear on the drop.

Egg patterns or euro jigs ahead of midge pupa like Ruby, Rootbeer and Redneck Midges have been killers. So have the Wotton Midges particularly white tails.

Trailing smaller baetis style patterns, like PTs, Micro Mayflies and the can be productive on the low flows. The streamer bit has been very good on the big water  with Double Deceivers, Twerking Minnows, and Viking Midges.


The ‘fork has similarly been up and down but the  windows of low water during daytime have been only for a few hours, so follow the flows and take advantage.

Bright attractor lead flies like San Juan Worms and egg pupa work well ahead of Ruby and Rootbeer Midges.