Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 10/4/17

David Leitch with a hopper eating White River Brown. Photo courtesy of Gabe Levin.

“To wade or not wade”, that is the question! Yep, and it’s being asked by quite a few of you. Unfortunately at the time this is being written, the answer is still the same “it should be soon.”

Bull Shoals should be out of flood today and Norfork Lake on Saturday.  At that point, power demand becomes the primary concern. This can be a good thing if there’s not much being demanded when you’re planning to put you’re waders to use.

So, in the unlikely event that there’s not wadeable water (Positive thinking!) over the next few days, then worry not. Between the Fly Fishing Fair at ASU Mountain Home and shopping in the all new expanded sale area at Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher, you could stay so busy, that the water could drop out at Ackerman and you wouldn’t give it a second thought.

With that said, let’s talk about what’s been working.

Michael Jr

Beautiful release pic of a White River Brown. Photo courtesy of Ben Levin.

White River:

While throwing hoppers is still a great option, we’ve seen an increase in the overall success of those nymph fishing, especially in the 1-2 unit flows we saw last weekend. With the current lake levels on the drop, there’s a high likelihood that we’ll see more of these low flows soon.

While the number of those throwing streamers has been low in comparison to those “letting the foam fly”, the success of those fishing streamers like CJ’s Sluggo, Double Deceivers, and Ice Picks have been very good as well.

While nymphing, try a combination of any of the following: San Juan Worm (pink, red, & worm brown), egg (y2k), devil jigs, pheasant tails, and midges (root beer and ruby). Also, continue to fish McLellan’s Hunchback scuds in dark grey, tan, rainbow, and orange.

Norfork: The Princess of Tailwaters is fishing well but is not in her fall finery. The record flood levels in the spring on the North Fork of the White are suspected to be still impacting the fishery, with turbid water and low dissolved oxygen levels in the Upper River.

Run bright colors, either egg patterns or San Juan Worms ahead of midge pupa, deep under indicators.

If they drop the water out, darker scud and sowbug patterns, and the usual Ruby Midges will be the go.

Warmwater (Crooked Creek & Buffalo River):

Both Crooked Creek and the Buffalo are still at wadeable levels, and floating (kayak/canoe) on some sections is great as well (getting a little skinny is some sections of Crooked). Smallies and Ozark Bass continue to hit crayfish patterns (Hada’s Creek Crawler & Whitlock’s Near Nuff Crayfish), baitfish patterns (Hada’s Craft Fur Clouser & standard Clouser Minnows), and topwater patterns (Boogle Bugs, Fat Albert’s, & Morrish Hoppers). For sunfish including longear and green try throwing: Boogle Amnesia Bugs, Rubber Legs, and small Fat Albert’s.