Trout In The Classroom: Week III


THE LITTLE beggars are growing incredibly fast. In the 10 days since out last video the Trout in the Classroom rainbow in our tank are dining hard on their egg sacs and look so much more substantial and a lot more trouty.

They are still teeny tiny with visible organs showing through but not the ghosts we had last time. The Alevin, which try to tuck themselves face first into niches in the gravel. have probably 2 to 3 weeks more feeding on their egg sacks before they start free swimming hunting food and become fry.

We now have over 20 named trout of the 150 eggs that Trout Unlimited Chapter #698 out into the tank display in the shop. You can see all the donors and trout names so far here. And not we have over 100 names to sell.

Each tank, stand and chiller setup costs around $1500. There are 7 TiC tanks raiseing fish as we speak under the Chapter’s program this year from Calico Rock to Yellville.

Stop By the Shop to buy your Trout Name or you can mail a check to our shop

Dally’s Trout in The Classroom

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Checks should be made payable to Trout Unlimited #698. Don’t forget to include the trout name you want and you name.