Jake’s Trigger Belly: Fly Of The Week



THE eternal debate rages among our guides when it comes to terrestrials. “Was it the fly or where you put it?”

But even the staunch presentationalists have favored flies and colors, fishing your fly with confidence is perhaps the key to it all.

Jake’s Trigger Belly from Montana Fly Company is one of those flies for me at least. On the surface its “just another attractor ant” with a long lean profile, the synthetic wing I trim down and treat well to ensure it floats high.

The extra long spanflex-style legs are a definite plus, being extra wiggly, and then there is that glint from the belly, where a wrap of red mylar peeks out from between the foam.  The black works really well but the lavendar …. well there’s a pretty good chance that brown trout has not seen a lavendar hopper this week.

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