SAGE SALT HD: New Video series


UNVEILING our new video series Dally’s Mail Box, with the arrival of the first Sage SALT HD rods into the shop, truly some of the first you can get your hands on anywhere.

We received the 6wt and 8wts, the 7wt order is expected soon, but feel free to pre-order the 7wts or any other size for that matter, the SALT HD runs to a 16 weight.

If you can;t make it to Cotter, head to the Branson Fly Fishing Expo this weekend, and bump into Steve along with Jeff and Alex from Farbank who will have all the rods to cast.

Hopefully y’all will like the new series, we are feeling out the format, but the “unpacking” format has been pretty popular on the “Youtubes” and we shall see if we can make it a fun way to introduce all the new stuff we get rolling through.