Fly Of The Week: Tactical Red Tag Jig


MY FLY FISHING education started with a Red Tag, though certainly a different version that this week’s Fly Of The Week.

The Red Tag I knew was the  dry version, not far removed from the traditional wet fly which evolved in the 1800s on the English chalkstreams and migrated to Tasmania with the first trout eggs.

The Red Tag to a Tasmanian fly fishers was a zebra midge to a White River colleague, so common as to be ubiquitous and yet a myriad variants. John Fox’s Red Tag Battleships were a classic and durable for a fly built from natural materials.. but I loved too the elegance of Noel Jetson’s Red Tags, cunningly crafted from a single herl. You can’t buy herl like that around here.

The Fulling Mill Red Tag Jig is going to be a solid White River performer, particularly on the rainbows and cutties, with a heavy silver bear, Zebra-ish body and red tag. The cdc collar seems superfluous but who can really tell.

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