After last week’s trip to Florida for the IFTD show, its back on the river tomorrow and loading back up with food, beverages and gear, a lot of gear.

So Here is Steve’s List

  • Sage X 9′ 5wt, Rio Gold WF5F Sage 2250 Reel: My go to all around setup for the White, with average size flies, even hoppers if its not windy.
  • Sage One 9′ 6wt, Rio Grand Intouch WF6F, Sage 2560 Reel: Thi had been my go to hopper set-up until I cast the Sage X 6wt. Ok I want one.
  • Sage X 9′ 7wt; Rio Big Nasty, Sage 2280 Reel: Love the way this outfit casts, with the fighting butt its a bit heavy for hoppers, but that Big Nasty Line makes it so much fun hunting. Great light streamer stick too/
  • Sage Method 9′ 8wt, Rio Intouch Outbound Short WF8IS6, Sage 2280 Reel: I’ve written it many time, right now its the best streamer stick on the market, but in a couple of weeks we will be testing the SALT HD head to head. They are close
  • Simms Pro Dry Bibs: Pop-up thunderstorms dropping temperatures and long boat runs make it essential to keep these in the boat, even in the heat of summer.
  • Simms Challenger Jacket: I’ve worn this Gore jacket through some serious deluges and stayed dry.
  • Montana Fly Waterproof Boat Box and Leaf: I keep using other fly boxes and keep coming back to this model. Adding a couple more to my collection to protect streamers. Yes its a 2 handed job to open the box, but your flies stay dry
  • Rising Lunker Net: It looks kool, it works, aqnd the frame is tough enough to cope with my abuse.
  • Simms Bounty Hunter Dry Bag: Love the capacity on this bag _ but you will have to wait for new seasons dry bags _  First aid kit, ziplock bag with spare batteries for lights, phones and camera, plus a spare SD card.
  • RIO Leaders:  When I’m using leaders, 9′ 4x and 5x for low flows, 7 1/2 3x for hoppers.
  • BUFF Sungloves: As much as I have used and abused these, they have help up phenomenally but a lot of people don’t dig the solid construction. Coming later this year is a new edication Buff sunglove which will change your world. Amazingly light.
  • Fishpond Sunscreen Stick: I’ve gone around and around on sunscreen, but I do like this stick. 30UPF and easy apply without having to worry about it blowing on sunglasses or flylines.


Other Stuff

  • Yeti 45 & Yeti Hopper 30: Precooling with ice overnight. On the summer days I really only open the hardside 4 times a day, so its stays super cold, with just food and some backup drinks. The Hopper softside holds all the drinks. You can go through a lot of drinks in a day in August. Go see Rob and the crew at Shawnee Supreme  Boats our local Yeti dealer
  • Big Green Bucket: In here goes the spare stuff, my 10-y-o pair of Simms G3s, a pair of Redington Wading Boots; Simms G3 Jacket, and a couple of towels.
  • Anchor 30lb pyramid (unseen) plus a spare. Everyone loses an anchor some time.
  • Frabill Lure Retriever (unseen) built for hard baits, works on flies. Makes getting errant streamers back a breeze.
  • Folding Table: Dine on the River anywhere
  • Folding Chairs, x 2