Fishing and Digging in NZ: FlyRus video


A COUPLE of weeks back we posted the Eel On The Fly video, with a wry grin.

I wasn’t sure how German language, subtitles and a twisted sense of humor might play out, but man it got some traffic ……. which goes to prove I’m really not the only one that gets odd ball stuff on this blog.

Then I got the following email from Simon ….

Hi guys,

you recently posted my video on your blog about catching an eel on a fly. Hilarious comments you made! Seriously, I loved it 🙂
I just wanted to let you know that I meanwhile published the successor video in our NZ Youtube series (its about being trapped with my car in the wilderness).
Feel free to share if you like! Cheers and best greetings from the “wired German” 😉
Yep mate its done and shared, with a video that proves even in High Summer the Shaky Isles are cold rainy boggy ………. and filled with big fish.