Fishing for nesting bass does major harm: new study


A 22-Year Canadian study has confirmed fishing for nesting bass has a major impact on the numbers of young bass.

University of Illinois Natural History Survey principal scientist, Dr. David P. Philipp, said the that studies looked at angling pressure on black bass in Ontario, but showed similar result for smallmouth.

If the male is removed from his brood at any point during the four to five week period of parental care, his brood is quickly consumed by brood predators (approximately 50 per cent after ten minutes of male absence). Harvest of a guarding male results in 100-percent brood destruction.

Catch-and-release angling of a guarding male results in partial consumption while he is off the nest, and 100 per cent destruction if he abandons that nest as a result of the angling incident, which is not uncommon.  CLICK FOR MORE

via Moldy Chum