Fly Of The Week: Tactical S. H. Hare’s Ear Jig


IF you haven’t stumbled across the Euro-Jig style revolution on the White River system the Tactical Soft Hackle Hare’s Ear is a good way to start this summer.

The Euro-Jigs sprang from the competition scene in Europe, where rules prevent the use of split shot so, “overweighted” flies would fill in the gaps. Some bright spark realized an oversize tungsten bead on a small jig hook could carry more weight than a standard pattern. Plus it would ride hook point up in the food zone along the bottom.

We introduced the first commercial ties from Umpqua to our rivers six or seven years ago, and initially at least they were curiosities. But was the Jig Prince’s performance on our spring Caddis Hatch that lit the spark.

These days we carry a solid selection of Euro-jigs from the very popular Devil Jigs, the Prince Nymph versions and other attractors. The Soft Hackle Hare’s Ear is one of our latest, a no nonsense version of a standard pattern. Junior Schraeder worse them out on this fly on Norfork earlier in the week, fishing it without the normal dropper.

They work, can replace split shot, and get your midge/sow/scud pattern where it needs to be fast. Try them.