Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 6/21/17

Gage Johnson, 11, with a great hopper brown with guide Gabe Levin, last week

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” — Elizabeth Andrew

Most times, our busy schedules make it easy to say “next time”, when an opportunity to volunteer comes around. But when the opportunity presents itself and you are willing to put forth the effort, it’s the end result that makes it all worth while.

Just the same as we have locally,  there are a multitude of non-profit organizations across the country, devoted to cold water conservation, youth outdoor education, and wildlife habitat improvement.

For example, locally we have groups such as Trout Unlimited, North Arkansas Fly Fishers, Friends of the White & Norfork Rivers, and Friends of the Norfork National Fish Hatchery, whose volunteers work tirelessly to educate others through camps, classes, and other outdoor events.

While these events generally have a specific goal, i.e. introducing a self sustaining species of trout to a river system (see Clay Henry’s article here) it is the also the overall sense of achievement that you feel and the positive end result that makes it all worth while!

With that, let’s talk about what’s been working.

Michael Jr

Owen Pochettino with a sweet 23″ between the storms Sunday with guide Steve Dally.  Featured pic this week is Owen with the last of 30 browns for he and his father over 2 days, a solid solid 22″ fish. Steve Dally image

White River:

Water levels have continued to start out in the mornings around 5,000 cfs, they have consistently been ramping up to as high as 17,000 cfs in the afternoon. Again, leaving the door wide open for those wanting to nymph fish as well as those wanting to throw streamers.

While the ever productive San Juan/egg combo is still a viable option, don’t disregard flies such as devil jigs, prince nymphs, and pheasant tails that have proven themselves, especially in 1-3 unit flows.

Also, continuing to fish McLellan’s Hunchback scuds in dark grey, tan, rainbow, and orange, with Wotton’s Whitetail Super Midges is a wise choice as well.

The streamer bite should continue to be strong in those flows exceeding 2 units. Try throwing: BFH Double Deceivers, Modern Deceivers, Dally’s Twerkin Minnows, CJ’s Sluggo’s, and Drunk & Disorderlies. Olive and Yellow is a consistent performer right now along with Chartruese.

Hoppers too are turning the heads of some really nice browns: Try Western Lady’s (pink or tan), Evan’s Baby Foam Hopper (purple), Willy’s Ant (black/purple), Fat Alberts (black or pink) and Jake’s Trigger Belly (Lavender or Black).


We’re continuing to see limited amounts of wadeable water early in the mornings, so fish first, breakfast can wait.

Mayfly style patterns including the imitative Real Meal Nymph, Mercer’s Micro Mayfly, the tactitical Hare’s Ear jig or  McLellan’s UV Scuds, have been doing well. It’s also essential to have some Ruby and Rootbeer Midges in your fly box, and don’t forget a handful of yellow

During those times of generation, streamer choices include: Twerkin Minnows, Sluggo’s, and Drunk & Disorderlies.

Crooked Creek:

Crooked Creek is at a comfortably wadeable level (186 cfs). Fishing continues to be fantastic for both smallmouth and ozark bass, as well as a variety of sunfish. Craft fur clousers, Creek Crawlers, Boogle Bugs, and Fat Albert’s continue to fish well.