Fly Of The Week: The Fat Alberts

Hey Hey, the Fat Alberts


HMMMM, it’s getting to be that time again. I heard cicadas calling Monday floating the Buffalo, and there has been hoppers bouncing in the grass seemingly for months.

If there is a go to terrestrial pattern year in and year out, its probably the Fat Albert, with black shading pink slightly. It doesn’t matter whether you are hunting browns on the White or Smallmouth in the creeks or Cutties out west, the Fat Albert is a must have.

With lower than expected flows (under 2 units for a while yesterday), its time to get prepped for some summer terrestrial fishing. Everything has been 6 weeks early this year so its not a bad idea to top up your boxes with some of these.

There have been a bunch of big browns caught on the biggest sizes but don’t forget the little ones especially early in the season.

The fly’s originator Brent Taylor was originally from Kansas City but has spent more than a decade guiding out of Dillon, MT in the winter and in Chile and Argentina in the winters.

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