On The Creek

Charlie Gratz, Mississippi Johnson and Jamesen Rees rocking an impressive smallie double: Steve Dally image


Last week, Chad Johnson and I got to go hang with Michael Gratz and family from Mississipi. Over the past few years we have shared some fun times with all 3 generations of the family: in drift boats and river boats; on Dry Run and the big rivers.

Charlie has been through our “boot camp” for 3 seasons now and it a veteran, but this year it was the turn of his sister Lucy, who turned 10 on day 1. Next year it’s little brother Michael B. joining in.

This year with the flows high we spent 2 out of 3 days on Crooked Creek and it was a hoot, with Jamesen smoking the smallies on Craft Fur Clousers.

Charlie and Lucy both scored 15″ smallmouth on small Boogle Bug poppers, and the water stayed high enough to enjoy the creek in drift boats, it was that kind of trip. Enjoy the images.

Michael and Lucy with a popper smallie, Michael Gratz image
First smallmouth for Lucy. Wet wading in May is awesome. Michael Gratz image
Chad and Charlie: Steve Dally image
Lucy and her biggest smallie, on a popper  Michael Gratz image