3 Brothers & Big Water: Product Highlight Sage X 10-Foot Rods



FLY FISHING on high flows pose their own set of headaches and opportunities, depending on how you think about it.

A big wide flat, seemingly featureless river, long leaders, heavy split shot and the difficulty in getting it all moving in the right direction for a cast. On the other hand the fish are often way less spooky, easier to find when you know how, and get fat and happy in the food rich flows, and would you really rather be in the office?

Given we have had three “100 Year Floods” since Dally’s opened it’s doors in 2011 then you might say we are familiar with the big water.

When the high water rolled around this time I called up our regional Sage representative Darin for a couple of demo 10′ Sage X rods. The 10′ 4wt, 10′ 5wt and 10′ 6wt are what I call the Three Brothers for Big Flows. Now I prefer 9′ rods (or shorter) where applicable but the three brother make the high water game a whole lot more fun.

For a start the extra 12-inches you gain over standard rods, gives you a lot of help when it comes to dealing with Looong 12′ leader set-up, and some days we were fishing 14′.

It’s easier to lift the weight up in the water column as a precursor to the cast, it’s easier to mend and moving that line to hook a fish is also better with a long rod. My customers have appreciated it a lot over the years.

The tradeoff is rod makers add more beef to the butt section when they convert a 9′ to a 10′. and getting that transition right from the tip to butt is a tricky thing. I’ve found some 10-footers to be heavy and clunky, others so soft up top they wouldn’t set hooks and watched my flies and trophy fish disappear on others which loaded up way too quickly for customers to react, resulting in break offs.

The latter is why I went with the 10′ 4wt, rather than the meatier 6wt. The Six probably would have been better if we had a summer of 24,000 cfs plus. But on the flows in the Teens I really like the lighter rod, thought the 5wt is probably the perfect allrounder

But Jerry Siem at Sage did a really nice job on these, light and just plain fishable, you don’t really get the feeling that these rods are 10-footers, yet they have the power to be tossing around two 3/0 split shot.

I’m happy to loan these out to customers for a day, when I’m not guiding with them, if you want to see what all the fuss is about, we will hold your credit card but no charge. Give me a shout at the shop 870 435 6166 _ Steve

Bob liked the Sage X 10-foot 5 weight