Fly Of The Week: CJ’s Sluggo



WE HAD been waiting to restock our depleted and in demand stocks of Chad Johnson’s infamous Sluggo.

Infamous among fish species at least, for this fly is racking up some species beyond its original targets: White River brown trout and southern bass.

Mississippi Johnson started working on the Sluggo a number of years ago, when we were chasing streamer browns over shallow grassbeds and off structure. The deer hair head makes this a shallow running fly with lots of crazy wounded baitfish action.

The back end of the fly, which offers profile and addition movement, is sparse and most importantly light allowing even the 7inch version to be fished with less work.

Fish it on a sinking line according to your needs, perhaps an intermediate on the shallow margins about some lakes, to a fast sink for high flows on the White River. Just a killer fly.

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