Product Highlight: Orvis Nippers

moss nipper


Cutting and trimming fly line is an act we perform tens of times every day, maybe more depending on our fly choices.

A set of nippers is one of those things that unites fly fishers, wrapped up in the trial and error method of finding the right fly. Some will take the cheapest route knowing survival is unlikely, others dig deeper knowing they are more likely to know where a pricey set is kept.

Orvis has stepped into the quality end, having no shortage of cheaper offerings, with the new Orvis nipper at $79.00.

T2J7KD7LEW_Alt4he unique curved “ergonomic contour” is striking, though most of us in the shop found a regular thumb and forefinger grip was more natural than the photo at left.

It felt pretty damn good this way with Orvis suggesting the piano-style hinge adds mechanical advantage to cut tippet from 80 lb to 8X tippet.

It certainly feels big and solid like the hunk of USA machined 6061-T6 aluminum, it is, rather than being lightened to the point of flimsy. This nipper feels like it will last long enough to take advantage of the replaceable cutter and anvil.

The stainless steel rotating hook-eye cleaner also forms the attachment point for the lanyard made from fly line so you get to keep it close.

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