Father Daughter Time

Mark White from Tx with a nice Norfork rainbow: guide Steve Dally image

You might be surprised how many father/daughter trips we do, or perhaps not. The reputation of fly fishing as a sport for gray haired codgers like myself is getting eroded. But for all our guides getting to share that special quality time among close family, brothers, sisters, parent and children, is often, but not always, more deeply felt when they are miles apart.

So it was pretty special to get this nice note from Mark about the trip. We had a lot of fun, thanks to Mark and Amy,


My trip was a Father daughter trip. Steve worked with Amy a first time fly fisher. By the end of the day she was casting mending and setting like a intermediate . It was tough conditions with swift high water .

We still managed 15 to the net with a 22″ and 19″ rainbow. We would have had 30 but setting with a 15 foot leader is different than I have experienced.

There are monster trout in both the Norfolk and White. I had the biggest slam take I have ever had. Truly a monster. It took me for a 10 second ride. I just didn’t finesse it and it broke me off.

My daughter teaches and now lives in Lowell. I will be back again to net that missed monster. Can’t go wrong using a professional guide. I have fished my whole life. Even at 67 I learned and my daughter is hooked.

Thanks Steve and Dally’s for an epic experience.  Mark