Fly Of The Week #1: Dally’s Twerking Minnow

Chris Franzen introduced this White River brown to the Twerking Minnow in January: Steve Dally image

WE thought it appropriate to kick off our new Fly Of The Week section with a tie from the Renzetti vise of The Boss, Steve Dally’s Twerking Minnow.

We are going to be featuring a new fly from our extensive fly bins every week, trout flies, dry flies, bass, flies, and more and discussing the ways to fish them.

Since we are in the midst of a run of high flows, Deceiver style flies are hot to trot and every good White River streamer box needs to be deep in these, with different colors sizes and weighted heads or not.

Mike Schmidt’s Double Deceivers are the original and are consistently great, Schmidty’s swim right every time unlike the cheap imitations. Newer to our bins is Alex Lafkas’ Modern Deceiver, which features two shanks in between the front and rear hook for even more wiggle. If you have sat through Alex’s streamer classes over the years, or spent a day in the boat you know how much thought and preparation Alex puts into everything  Shop the Deceiver’s here

800_3429d98cbc7422efd479122c505971197fc97998[1]The Twerking Minnow is a different critter based entirely on a synthetic material rather than the popular natural bucktail fibers.

The Twerking Minnow is a high flash, highly durable synthetic Deceiver style streamer with lots of radical unpredictable lateral movement, reminiscent of an injured baitfish.


Fish it on sinking lines across the current, it turns into a knife when swung, or even a floating line with the Bait Fish Head versions (returning to our fly bins shortly).

It’s caught plenty of trout in the White River, Taimen in Russia, Musky up North and more species, a take anywhere fly. We stock the 6″ only at present but will take custom orders for the 8″ version.

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