Dally’s Fly Fishing Report 5-11-17

Carolyn Hardin with a tall Bull Shoals brown last weekend: image from guide Steve Dally

Well, with all this warm weather and sunshine its hard to believe that less than two weeks ago we were experiencing a very serious rain event. As of Wednesday, Table Rock was still releasing a combined spillway/turbine release of around 24,000 cfs which does continue to slowly raise Bull Shoals lake level. However, whether or not the spillway gates will need to be opened or if there will simply be an increase in the turbine release has (to my knowledge) yet to be determined.

As would be expected, there have been a number of folks calling the shop asking about water conditions. Well, the truth of the matter is that the White has been, and continues to, fish great! Also, as Crooked Creek and the Buffalo have continued to drop and clear, it has increased the amount of fishable water below the confluences. So, if you have any questions, just call, or better yet, come by the shop.

Again, Crooked Creek and the Buffalo have dropped quite significantly, but are not quite to the optimal wading stage yet. At the rate that they are both dropping out, we should see some great float/wade water within the coming days.

And just as Steve wrote in last weeks report, our guides continue, just as they always do, to work hard and put their clients onto some great Ozark fish!

Lance from California returned to the White River after a decade for this brown and 7 more: image from guide Steve Dally

With that, lets talk about what’s been working.

Michael Jr

Robin Brewer with a great White River rainbow. Guide: Gabe Levin.

White River:

With the clear water we now have, fish caddis and midges on the upper river. Devil Jigs, Prince Jigs, Fat Cadass, Pulsating Caddis, and Psycho Princes are great lead flies to Ruby Midges and Wotton Super Midges.

San Juan Worms and egg setup are worth while with some creeks inflow still adding a tint to the water.

When we see flows over 7,000 cfs, try throwing streamers such as CJ’s Sluggo, Dally’s Twerkin Minnow, Schmidt’s Double Deceiver, Lafkas’ Super Cougar, and Pierce’s Cheech Leech.

There is going to be some solid streamer fishing to come with some consistent flows in the offing later this summer


The floodgates have again been turned off, but the Norfork Dam will continue to generate wide open until the inflow to the lake falls further. As of now, there is no word on when the Corps of Engineers ramp at Quarry Park, or the AGFC ramp at the confluence will be cleared.