Tiny Dancer on Illinois Smallmouth


Great note from Indiana smallmouth guide Jonn Graham, who had ordered a bunch of materials from us for Steve Dally’s Tiny Dancer fly.

Jonn guides on the Vermillion River in Central Illinois. He tied up several versions of this smaller version of Steve’s big Lap Dancer after ordering the hard to find Rainy’s Foam Diver Heads from us

I am so impressed with the new Tiny Dancer fly by Mr. Dally.  My smallies here in Illinois love it!  Before the big rains the smallies were just “crushing” it.  Fishing it on a 250 grain sink tip and a 7 weight rod……………………..DEADLY.   Cannot wait to put this fly in the hands of some of my guiding clients this year on the Vermilion River.






Steve says to tie the Tiny Dancer follow the Lap Dancer video, but use a size 10 TMC 8089 for the tail and a size 6 TMC 8089 for the front hook and small size Diver Heads.