Dally’s Fly Fishing Report: 5-3-17

Jason from Knoxville, TN, with a 23″ brown Tuesday being held by guide Jonathan Murray


You know I reckon we’d all get bored if the weather patterns were Southern California stable. Consider the last 18 months: we have lurched from almighty flood, to drought and back to flood. Since we opened the shop under the Dally’s banner in 2011 we have had 3 major flood events.

If the fishing wasn’t so damn good, low or high, it’s highly likely I’d have gone around the bend by now. So what are you going to do but go fishing.

Heck we had two serious trophies landed by guide customers this week and a bunch more browns boated. The sun even peaked out, which its scheduled to again this weekend.

Despite all the griping, the dams are doing their jobs, holding back the monsoonal spring rains we are wont to attract, and releasing them later. Norfork, Beaver and Table Rock all ran spillway releases as the inflows filled their capacity. Norfork is back down to normal high flows, and we are interested to see what changes the flood releases may have caused.

But the vast cauldron of Bull Shoals is quietly eating up the excess. Yes we will have some higher flows this summer, when the authorities can get a better price for power too, but it will be dispensed with so as to not cause flooding down stream.

Yep the fish will like it, and as always we will help you get onto the fish.

So here’s the rest of this week’s fishing report


WHITE RIVER: Overnight rain has the tributaries pushing in some stain to the river but it probably won’t last through an expected beautiful sunny  weekend.

Some quality browns were helping themselves to the run-off influx of worms. Ben and Jonathan in particular took advantage of this bite with a pair of 23″ browns earlier in the week.

As we saw over the weekend it doesn’t take long for the Upper White to clear. It was in good shape above Crooked Creek, by Monday, with the light flows helping flush the river clean.

Light flows are expected to continue while the Corp lets the wild-run tributaries downstream dispense with their run-off from last weekend’s flood.

Once the river clears Fish caddis and midges on the Upper River. Devil Jigs, Prince Jigs, Fat Cadass, Pulsating Caddis and Psycho Princes are worth lead flies with Ruby Midges and Wotton Super Midges trailing.

In the longer term we will see higher flows, and based on the liking the White River browns has for the flood fishing earlier this week, short lived it may have  been, I’d be stocked up on worms for any increase in flows this summer.

Extended periods of high water also make for some pretty fine streamer fishing as well, even in the bright says of summer if you can fish the low light periods at dawn and dusk.

NORFORK: The floodgates have been turned off but the Norfork Dam will continue to generate wide open until the inflow to the lake falls further.  As yet no word when the Corp of Engineers ramp at Quarry Park, or the AGFC ramp at the confluence will be cleared.