Wet Fly Browns Davy Wotton


20170503_135443 (1)
Randy and a thick White River brown trout: Davy Wotton image

IT’s been an interesting week, but some real rewards if you stick it out as reported by Davy Wotton

Monday we saw high winds, Tuesday a very pleasant warm day, Wednesday rather wet to say the least. You never know here in the Ozarks what you will get water or weather wise, no matter Randy one of my regulars stuck it out.

Randy is one of my wet fly converts, so during the 3 days we fished traditional wet fly, soft hackles and emergers during the caddis hatch and nymph rigs various, all of which caught Bows, Browns and Cutts, and that’s a fine Brown you got there Randy: DW


Randy fighting one of those many fish, with Davy on the net at Bull Shoals: Steve Dally image