Spillways closed on Norfork: AGFC

Bugs and brown trout on the White River. Guide Brock Dixon at work Tuesday: Steve Dally image

AGFC Trout biologist Christy Graham issued a statement this morning saying there were no plans for flood gate releases at Bull Shoals and spillway gates on Norfork had been closed.

Christy said that the huge capacity of Bull Shoals Lake was able to handle the flood waters, even with scheduled rain overnight. Spillway releases from Beaver and Table Rock Dams have been wound back today and will continue to fall asap.

Hey All,

Just a quick update.  Spillway releases at Beaver and Norfork Lakes have been decreased.  Table Rock Lake releases have also been decreased.  As of now, total releases (turbine + spillway) at each lake are as follows:

  • Beaver: 7,500 cfs
  • Norfork: Spillway releases are done as if this morning, but full power generation (6,000 cfs) will continue until inflow drops some more.
  • Table Rock: Decreased total releases today to 49,700 and they will cut back more as soon as possible.

For those wondering about Bull Shoals, the COE says that it still has plenty of storage available, even with a couple more inches of rain in the forecast.  Once the water levels recede downstream of the trout waters, they will slowly increase power releases from Bull Shoals.  There are currently no plans to utilize spillway releases at Bull Shoals.

I just got back to the office from checking a few of our accesses on Norfork Tailwater.  As I mentioned in my last e-mail, debris would probably be an issue.  It is.

QuarQuarryPark_May3-2017ry Park access appears to have significant damage adjacent to the ramp and there are rocks on the ramp (see attached picture of QP).  I’m certain the COE will work to get that access cleared and back open ASAP.

The AGFC ramp at the Norfork Confluence also has damage and debris on and around the boat ramp and our folks will assess further and clear debris ASAP.

I appreciate your patience while we work to address any issues as a number of our facilities all over north Arkansas have been affected. Please be careful if you choose to utilize the accesses and attempt to fish the White and North Fork rivers right now.

That being said, if you do go fish and you happen to see the 4’x5’ green Dry Run Creek sign we had at Quarry Park, please us know… It did not stay put during the flood.

I’ll keep you posted with any further information.

Thanks, Christy

Christy Graham

Trout Biologist Supervisor

Table Rock Dam has been wound back this morning after this shot on peak flows Monday: Steve Dally image